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Chasing Vibrance

Bible Study Confidence Course

Bible Study Confidence Course

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Are you ready to feel confident when you open the Bible?

This Bible Study Basics course will help you...

  • Learn how to study the Bible for yourself in a way that is meaningful and transformative. 
  • Find which tool in the toolbox of Bible study methods fits your season and personality best!

  • Not be intimidated by big words or feel like you need a PHD in religion to read the Bible --We break down major Biblical ideas and approaches of study into easily digestible explanations that help the Bible make sense

What you'll get...

⭐️ 3 Bible Study Basics Video Lessons --  10 minute lessons to give you a foundation on The History of the Bible, Basics of How to Study the Bible, and Understanding Context.

⭐️ 4 Personal Bible Study Worksheet Walk Throughs -- Learn how to use the principles and worksheets in real time to understand and apply the Bible to what's going on in your world today! 

⭐️ 4 PDF printable worksheets -- Print these tools to guide your personal time with God and experiment with different Bible study learning methods. 

⭐️ Bible Study Resource page -- My top recommended tools and resources to dive deep into the Bible and help you when you feel stuck. 

⭐️ Theologically Rich Worship Playlist -- Calming and worshipful music to accompany your Bible study or take on the go! 

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship. 

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